Saturday, May 20, 2017

Announcing Death 3d

One of my favorite games when I was a kid was Wolfenstein 3d on my old DOS machine.  So about a week or so ago, I got bored and started writing a Wolfenstein clone in pure Javascript.  The result is Death 3d, which is in the extremely early stages, but I hope to have it done and released to all mobile and desktop platforms in a few months or so.  To get an idea, here is some early footage:

The game is going to have a 3 chapter story mode campaign, where you are a prisoner in the United Earth Lunar Prison colony, and must fight your way to freedom.  Beyond that, there will also be multiplayer mode, both skirmish against AI players, and 64 player online multiplayer using a decentralized server system.  I am writing an desktop server software application that anybody can download and install to host their own Death 3d server.  Bandwidth and memory requirements are pretty low, so even a modest home broadband connection should be able to host at least a 10-12 person deathmatch.

That's not all.  Death 3d also will come with a build in map editor for creating, saving, exporting your own maps and mods.  The map editor will let you create maps from any asset already in the game, and even allow you to embed and use your own wall textures for fully customized maps.

Death 3d is in the very early stages, but you can check in on the progress by visiting this link:

Given the early nature of the game, on any given day things may not even work at all, but keep checking back to stay up to date on the games progress!

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