Friday, June 10, 2016

Create Epic Cat Music with Musical Kittens!

Have you ever wished that you could compose music using nothing but cat meows?  If so, your prayers have finally been answered, because Musical Kittens from Ape Apps allows you to do just that!

Musical Kittens is an amazing musical composer application where all of the sound effects are generated with adorable cat meows! This app will change your life forever. Meow your way to fame and glory by making memorable cat music. Save your songs and share them with friends!

Musical Kittens was inspired by the old school Mario Paint Composer from the Super Nintendo game Mario Paint.  Except, you know, it only has cat sounds.  Which is cool too, if you like cats.  It was developed and is available for all major platforms, including Android, iPhone, Linux, Windows, Mac, and even straight through your web browser.  Basically, if you have any sort of device, you can start making amazing cat music today with Musical Kittens!

One of the epic features of Musical Kittens is that you can save and export your cat songs and send them to your friends, allowing them to import your sweet, sweet cat music into their apps as well.  What better way to become a world famous cat music composer than by sharing your creations with the world?  You can probably even become a famous YouTube sensation by uploading your cat song videos!

So what are you waiting for?  If you love cats or music, you need this amazing app today!  You can find all download links on the Ape Market, or visit one of the app stores below!

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