Thursday, February 11, 2016

Network Browser v2.0.2 Release Notes

The v2.0.2 update for Network Browser adds some cool new experimental features that people have been requesting for some time, so I hope that you all like them.

Firstly, I have added thumbnail support for .png and .jpg images on the network.  It generally works pretty good, but let me know if you find glitches with it.  I consider this part to be beta at this point, but I feel pretty good about how it is working so far.

The second new Beta feature that I added to the app, the one which I think is especially cool, is automatic network backup of your photos.  When you long press on a network folder now, you will see an option to set the folder as your Photo Backup location.  Once set, Network Browser will automatically upload all new photos that you take onto your network!  It's like cloud storage but better, because we all know that the cloud sucks.  If you are not currently connected to your WiFi network, Network Browser will queue up your uploads and then finish the job next time you are connected.  This feature is ultra experimental, but it works decently so far.  Give it a try and leave feedback if you like it!

Besides for those two experimental features, I have also updates some of the icons and fixed a few other things.  Anyway, that's all for this update, hope you enjoy!


  1. Amazing work. Can you integrate a torrent client into this app? That will be a really nice feature