Sunday, December 13, 2015

Unleash Your Inner Artist With Finger Paint!

Your whole life you've known that you are an artist, you just haven't had the tools necessary to see your dreams come to life.  Perhaps you love painting, yet you hate getting messy with actual paint.  It's this paradox that has left many aspiring artists stuck in dead end jobs doing things they don't even love.

It doesn't have to be that way.  Luckily for you and all of the other artists out there, Ape Apps has the perfect solution for this age old problem: Finger Paint!

Finger Paint is an awesome finger painting application that is fun for kids and adults alike! You start off with a blank canvas, your imagination, 42 fun colors and three amazing pen sizes to choose from.  Finger Paint is available for free from all major mobile app markets, and through your web browser on Ape Web Apps.  Get it today and unleash your creativity!

Finger Paint for Android on Google Play

Finger Paint for iPhone/iPad on the App Store

Finger Paint for Windows 10 on the Windows Store

Finger Paint for Amazon Kindle on the Amazon App Store

Finger Paint on the Web from Ape Web Apps

And don't for get to check out the official Finger Paint website at this location:

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