Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Strobe Light Hits Windows 10

Party lovers around the world, unite!  Today, Ape Apps is proud to announce that the #1 Party App on Android has just landed on the Windows 10 platform for both phones and desktop devices - it's Strobe Light from Ape Apps!

Strobe Light is quite possibly the single most important app that any party lover (or even just casual party attendee) must have on their mobile device.  Picture this. You are having a party at your house. The cute girl from your biology class is there. Suddenly your bro says 'Hey let's turn this into a rave!' Biology girl is feeling it. But sadly, you don't have a strobe light! Your guests leave in disgust and you are mocked for the rest of the school year.  It doesn't have to end that way. With Strobe Light app, simply turn on the switch, place your phone on the table, and let the party begin. Mileage may vary by phone type and flash brightness. Should generally be bright enough to host a rave for 15-20 people.

There is a reason why Strobe Light from Ape Apps has been the #1 strobe light app on Google Play now for three years running.  It offers the brightest, most intuitive, and most reliable strobe experience that you will find from any app on any platform, and we are proud to bring that quality and experience to the Windows 10 ecosystem.  And for Windows 10 desktop users, Strobe Light now has the ability to turn your desktop PC monitor into a strobe light, so that you can have a party wherever you are, no mobile device required!  You can even turn your office cubical at work into a hot rave!  You might even get that girl from 4th floor accounting to finally notice you!  The possibilities are endless!

So when you are finally ready to turn your boring sausage-fest into an epic rave, download Strobe Light from Ape Apps today, and let the good times roll!  Now available for free on Android and Windows devices!

Strobe Light for Windows

Strobe Light for Android

Strong Light for Kindle Fire

And for the latest Strobe Light news and information, be sure to bookmark the official Strobe Light website at this URL: http://apps.ape-apps.com/strobe-light/


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