Thursday, September 3, 2015

Prepare For Deimos 2 - End of the Earth

Finally after two years, the moment that fans of the groundbreaking Deimos RPG have been waiting for.  Sarge and his team return to action this fall in Deimos 2 - End of the Earth!

Build on the popular Level Up RPG engine, Deimos 2 is a story driven dungeon crawler style role playing game where you must collect items, fight deadly enemies, and save the world!  Taking place shortly after the events of the original Deimos RPG, Sarge must once again mobilize his team into action.  But this time around, the stakes couldn't be higher, as the survival of the very world hangs in the balance.

Deimos 2 - End of the Earth is coming soon to PC, the web, and to all major mobile platforms.  Until then, you can prepare yourself by playing through the original Deimos RPG, which is also available for most platforms.  You can find download links at the official Deimos website, here:

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