Thursday, August 13, 2015

Major Update for Facial Recognition Lock

Great news for all of you Android users out there.  Facial Recognition Lock, the award winning facial detection software from Ape Apps, has just received its largest and most significant update ever!  You are going to absolutely love the new features, now available on all Android and Kindle devices:

  • Actual Lock Screen Capability: Facial Recognition Lock can now be set to work as your device's default lock screen!  Turn the functionality on and off from the app's menu.
  • Failed Entry Log: Facial Recognition Lock now keeps a photographic record of all failed attempts to enter your device.  You can look through and see exactly who has been trying to get in to your phone!
  • Facebook Integration: Awesome new sharing and social features are available by signing into the app with Facebook!  You can even post the pictures of those who tried (and failed) to access your device, so now the whole world will know they tried to get into your phone!  (Facebook sign in is optional).

Facial Recognition Lock is a free high tech futuristic facial recognition locking system for your device. It will lock your phone and keep unwanted people out. To unlock, the app simply scans your face and verifies it with the database. If you pass, your phone is unlocked.

Facial Recognition Lock is meant for entertainment purposes only. Tapping on the unlock button once will always say access is denied, no matter what. Tapping on the unlock button twice will say access granted and unlock your phone. Facial Recognition Lock is a great gag for fooling your friends, or for impressing the ladies at the club.

When you are ready to step up to the #1 facial unlocking software available on Android, download Facial Recognition Lock today!

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