Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fisherman Sets Record with John's Fish Calls

Fisherman Freddie "Skip" Polaski wasn't planning on making history last week when he went out for a casual morning on Lake Lanier in Georgia.  But after an exhausting 48 minute fight, Skip became legend, setting a new lake record with this amazing 106 pound catch!

His secret?  Hard work, determination, a little bit of luck, and an amazing mobile app called John's Fish Calls.

I'd never seen anything like it in all my life.  Three hours on the lake with no bites whatsoever.  So I decided to try this newfangled app I found called John's Fish Calls.  I tell you, within three minutes of running the app, I bagged the biggest catch this lake has ever seen.  Today I might be a legend, some have even used the word hero.  But at the end of the day, a huge part of the catch is thanks to John's Fish Calls.  - Skip Polaski

So, what exactly is John's Fish Calls?  Back in 2011, word famous master fisher John the Fisherman discovered by accident that a specific sound frequency was able to trigger the hunger response in most species of fish, sending them on a frantic search for anything to satisfy their hunger.  The beauty of the frequency is that, the larger the fish, the more potent the impact.  As a result, the few fisherman who already know about the app have been making absolutely incredible catches over the last several years.  The app (and the legend) are finally starting to catch fire though, with more and more fishermen making larger and larger catches.  And with the current influx of national success stories like those of Skip Polaski, fish all across the country have been put on notice.

Currently, John's Fish Calls is available as a free download for Android devices on the Google Play Store.  It can also be used through the browser on most mobile devices that have an internet connection, by accessing the free John's Fish Calls Web App.  Check below for download links and a link to the official John's Fish Calls website.

The fable of Freddie "Skip" Polaski may itself be a fish story, and is intended for marketing purposes only.


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