Thursday, June 18, 2015

Prepare for the Thrilling Thirteen!

Summer time is upon us, and to bring in the new season, Ape Apps is is going to be hitting you with the Thrilling Thirteen, thirteen new apps and sites to help you get past the summertime blues!

  1. Revenge of the Titanic: The infamous ship Titanic is back from her undersea grave, and this time sh'e pissed off!  Take control of the battle hardened Titanic and her newly equipped array of weapons and destroy all that get in your way.
  2. Farting Simon: What's better than a Simon game?  A Simon game that farts!  Enough said.
  3. Words of Light: Let the words of god flow through your body with Words of Light, daily inspiration from above, all in the palm of your hand.
  4. Hangman Online: It's the classic game of Hangman, except that the words all come from the community!  Play from the massive online word database, or submit a new one to try to stump the world!
  5. Mr Body: If you love Clue (Cluedo), you are going to need Mr. Body, the digital scorecard that helps you solve the crime!
  6. San Francisco V: Retro mobile arcade racing at it's finest.  Take control of the San Francisco V and go for the gold!
  7. My Planet Forums: With the massively anticipated 2.0 release of My Planet on the horizon, join other fans of the game on the upcoming My Planet Forums website.
  8. Hick Quest: Built off of the popular Level Up RPG engine, take control of a humble redneck as you travel to New York to clear your loans from the evil bankers!
  9. Making it Rain: Show the world how rich you are by throwing money all over the place as you make it rain dollas!
  10. Guess My Name: Can your phone guess what your name is just by looking at your face?  Do you look like a Bill or a Sally?  Find out with Guess My Name!
  11. TMF: The most intense, difficult, and crazy game ever created.  It's Turbo Mind #*$%
  12. Talking Cow: Way better than a talking tomcat.  It's a talking cow for your mobile device.
  13. Mongo's Tug 'o War: Join Mongo and friends for an epic tug of war match!
So over the next few weeks, get ready for summer with the Thrilling Thirteen from Ape Apps!

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