Monday, June 8, 2015

My Planet v2.0 Development Finally Underway

Good News for all who have been patiently awaiting the next version of My Planet (the Solar System update), I am finally getting around to working on the update, and it's going to be massive.

My Planet v2.0 is bringing major changes to the game, including the solar system, technology trees, and resource gathering.  Users will still be able to enjoy the game without doing all of the extra stuff, but those who want to get the full experience will want to take advantage of everything the game will have to offer.

Anyway, I am currently building and testing the game live on the Ape Web Apps Testbed channel, which you can access at the link below.  As of this moment, it doesn't look much different, but all live development will be taking place at the below URL, so you can hop in from time to time and see/test the new changes to the game.  Just note that it might be buggy during development.

Thanks for your patience!

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