Saturday, May 2, 2015

Changes coming to Ape Apps website

Over the course of the next few months, I plan to make some structural changes to the Ape Apps website.  First of all, my web apps (Ape Web Apps) are going to be upgraded to their own domain and server, so they will no longer be apart of the base Ape Apps website.  Secondly, all of my soundboard sharing pages are going to be moved to my new dedicated soundboard website Soundboard City.  Thirdly, my screenshot hosting and sharing service is going to be moved off to it's own subdomain.  Fourth, my high scores service is going to be moved off to the new upcoming Ape Web Apps website.  Finally, after all of that is done, the main Ape Apps website will be powered by a phpBB forum, with interactive discussions and support for all of my apps.  All new news and updates will also be posted to the forum, and this blog will be discontinued.  Future blog-type posts will take place on my personal blog at

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