Wednesday, January 21, 2015

PDF Document Scanner Lands on iOS

Great news iPhone fans!  PDF Document Scanner, the #1 PDF creation application on Android and Kindle Fire, has just been released for free for iPhone and iPad on the iOS App Store!

PDF Document Scanner is the award winning utility from Ape Apps that allows you to convert your physical documents into digital copies using your smartphone camera as a "scanner."  And with more than 3,000,000 users on Android alone, people around the world have been using PDF Document Scanner to organize their files and reduce their clutter.  Now with the release of PDF Document Scanner for iOS, iPhone and iPad users will finally get to experience the high quality and ease of use that Android users have enjoyed now for the past two years!

So when you are ready to reduce your clutter and take back your office, you need to download PDF Document Scanner today.  PDF Document Scanner is currently available for free on Android, Kindle Fire, and now iOS.  Find download links and the latest news and information on the official PDF Document Scanner website located at this address:

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