Thursday, January 15, 2015

Age Scanner comes to iOS!

Great news!  Our highly popular and award winning Age Scanner app has just landed on an iPhone near you!  It is compatible with both the iPhone and the iPad, and it is now available to download for free from the iTunes App Store!

Age Scanner is a free high tech futuristic fingerprint scanner that attempts to determine how old you are based on your thumb print scan. Simply place your thumb on the scanning pad, wait for the scan and calculation to complete, and see what the app thinks your age is!

With the latest iOS release, Age Scanner is now available on pretty much every platform that you'd want it to be available on.  You can download it today for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8/RT, Kindle Fire, and even play it in your browser in HTML5!

So if you are finally ready to stop wondering how old you are and find out for sure, you need to download Age Scanner today!  And for the latest Age Scanner related news and information, as well as download links for all major platforms, see the official Age Scanner Homepage at:

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