Thursday, December 4, 2014

Winter Comes to My Land!

Great news for fans of My Land, the long awaited v1.1 release has just hit Ape Web Apps and is headed it's way to a mobile device near you.  Among other changes, My Land has also had a season change and it is now winter time on your farm!

It's winter time at My Land!

In addition to the winter season, My Land v1.1 features the following gameplay changes:

  • Crops will now continue to grow (albeit at a slower pace) when you are away from the game.
  • There is a new Giant Snowman tourist trap that you can build for your visitors.
  • Seasonal Changes.  Your terrain will now change based on the real-life time of year.
  • Multiple bug fixes.

This is the first major update for My Land since it's release several months ago.  In addition to the features mentioned above, this update is largely fixed at stabilizing the game and the core concepts, as opposed to adding new content.  Once everything is ironed out, the focus will be shifting to the content side of things, which is where your suggestions will come in handy.  If you have ideas on how to make the game better, you should be leaving them here in the comments section, or in the comments/review areas of the individual app stores.

Some of the top concerns have been with people now understanding how to grow their farms.  I have added this links in-game, but I would also like to point out here that there is an online Tips and Tricks guide for the game, as well as a YouTube Quick Start video that can help.  See these links for details:

And for more information on My Land, including download links and the latest news and information, please see the official My Land website here:

Until then, happy farming!

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