Thursday, November 6, 2014

Strobe Light Comes to Windows Phone!

Today, Ape Apps is proud to announce that our award winning Strobe Light app for Android is now available for free on the Windows Phone store!

Strobe Light by Ape Apps is the #1 party strobe light app on the Google Play store today, and now it comes to the Windows Phone platform in all its glory.  Strobe light allows you to use your phone's camera flash to simulate a strobe light effect.  Never be caught at a rave without it!

Picture this. You are having a party at your house. The cute girl from your biology class is there. Suddenly your bro says 'Hey let's turn this into a rave!' Biology girl is feeling it, but sadly you don't have a strobe light! Your guests leave in disgust and you are mocked for the rest of the school year. 

It doesn't have to end that way. With Strobe Light app, simply turn on the switch, place your phone on the table, and let the party begin. Mileage may vary by phone type and flash brightness. Should generally be bright enough to host a rave for 15-20 people.

Strobe Light is now available for Windows Phone from the Windows Phone Store.  It has also just been updated with new features and bug fixes for Android on Google Play, the Amazon App Store, and as a direct .apk download from the Ape Market.  So what are you waiting for?  Don't be caught at your next party without Strobe Light!

And for the latest Strobe Light news and information, bookmark the official Strobe Light homepage:

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