Friday, November 21, 2014

Sound Off with Air Horn

If you have been in search of the best Air Horn app for your mobile device, you are in luck.  Ape Apps is proud to announce that Air Horn is now available for a variety of mobile platforms and the web!

Air Horn is a cool free app that uses your device speakers to simulate a loud air horn effect. Using a high quality stereo recording of an authentic airhorn, you will be able to finally be the most annoying kid in your class by cranking up the volume and blaring this free air horn. As an added bonus, hook air horn app up to your car's speaker system, crank up the volume, and blast your entire neighborhood! Guaranteed to make you new friends or your money back!

Air Horn is now available for free on Google Play, the Amazon App Store, the Windows Phone Store, the Windows Store, in the browser from Ape Web Apps, and as a direct Android .apk download from the Ape Market.  See the official Air Horn website for download links and for the latest Air Horn related news and information:


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