Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Generate Your Own Presidential Speeches with Pocket Obama!

If you've ever wanted to be a president without having to go through the whole "running for office" thing, then your dreams are about to come true.  Ape Apps has just released Pocket Obama, the presidential soundboard app, that allows you to string together your own presidential speech by piecing together old Barack Obama quotes!

Pocket Obama is a fun free soundboard app featuring clips from Nobel Peace Prize winning President Barack Obama! Featuring over 40 high quality stereo clips and phrases from the leader of the free world. You can play the files one at a time, put them into loop mode, share them on social media, or string together quotes to make your own presidential speech!

Have you ever wanted to have a president in your pocket, but did not have the money or resources to become a big corporate lobbyist? Then this app is for you! The best Obama Soundboard on the market guaranteed. Try it yourself, it's free!

Pocket Obama is available now for free for Windows, Android, Kindle, and the Web.  So if you have ever wanted to have your own personal president in your pocket, try Pocket Obama today!  And for more information, bookmark the official Pocket Obama website to keep up to date on the latest Pocket Obama update and release information!

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