Friday, September 26, 2014

Turn Your Phone into a Doorbell

If you've ever had dreams of turning your Android or Kindle device into an authentic doorbell, your prayers have now been answered.  Today, Ape Apps is proud to announce the latest in high tech door ringing technology with the free new Doorbell app!

At long last you can now take a doorbell with you wherever you go! Doorbell is an amazing high tech doorbell simulator for your device. Simply tap on the doorbell to hear the authentic doorbell ringing sound. Great gag for parties, impressing ladies at the club, or driving your pet dog crazy!

So when you are ready to take your doorbell simulation to the next level, check out the new Doorbell app today!  Available of Android on Google Play, for Kindle and Fire Phone devices on the Amazon App Store, and as a direct Android .apk download from the Ape Market!

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