Thursday, September 18, 2014

De Donde! Maracas Now Available for Android

If you have been long waiting the day that you could turn your Android device into a Mexican fiesta, then your time has finally come.  Ape Apps is proud to announce Maraca, now available for Android on Google Play!

Maraca is an advanced high tech simulation of maracas, also known as rumba shakers. Simply shake your phone to play the delightful Mexican sound of the maraca. Grab some friends and start a mariachi band. The possibilities are endless.

You know, in this world there are two kinds of apps.  Those that change your life, and those that define it.  ...and then there is a third kind of app, the kind that is just a picture of maracas that plays soothing maraca music when you shake your phone.  This is the third kind.  Still though, don't get caught at a fiesta without it, or you might get your ass kicked.

So amigo, whats it going to be?  Are you man enough to handle the maracas?  I think you are.  So prove it, by downloading Maraca today, now available for free on Google Play and as a direct .apk download from the Ape Market:

And check out the Official Maraca Homepage if you are dying to stay up to date on the latest Maraca news and information!

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