Sunday, August 10, 2014

WiFi Booster 2014 on the Amazon App Store!

A couple of weeks ago in my July 2014 Revenue by Platform report, I indicated that Google had decided to remove WiFi Booster 2014 from the Google Play Store, but I was still offering it as a free direct download from the Ape Market.  Well now I am proud to announce that WiFi Booster 2014 has been updated and improved, and is now also available to download free of charge on Kindle, Fire Phone, and other Android devices from the Amazon App Store!

WiFi booster is a handy free utility that automatically sets your Android wireless radio into high performance mode, which can increase the speed and range of your wireless internet connection! Works on WiFi connections only, does not have an effect on 3G or 4G data signals. Download it for free today and see if it works on your device!

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  1. That's really helped me to improve my internet speed.I followed your tips and confirmed it through a speed test in