Friday, August 1, 2014

July 2014 Revenue by Platform

July was a busy month for me outside of Ape Apps.  As such, I really didn’t get much done in the way of app development.  Because of this, I did notice a slight drop in my revenues versus the month of June.  Did this revenue drop have any effect on my revenue by platform distribution?  Not really:

If you have been following along with my monthly revenue reports, you will notice that this remains largely unchanged.  Windows Phone lost 1% of share while web gained 1%.  Other than that, everything is exactly the same as it was last month.  Here is my commentary on how I feel about my position on each platform right now:

Obviously, Android continues to completely dominate my monthly revenue distribution.  I will say though that this could possibly change once the August numbers come out.  In late July, Google saw fit to remove my app WiFi Booster 2014 from Google Play, which was my #5 top used app across all platforms last month.  This will surely have an impact on my Android revenues, and I have already noticed declines for the last few days of July.  I will keep an eye on it and see how it plays out.  And by the way, those of you still interested in downloading WiFi Booster 2014 can get it for free from the Ape Market (link);

My iOS revenues remained flat month over month.  This wasn’t really unexpected, as I had no new iOS releases in July.  I do currently have the farm simulation game My Land pending for approval on the App Store though.  It has seen favorable reviews from users on other platforms, and games usually seem to do better on iOS than they do on Android (initially at least).  So perhaps August will be the month that my iOS business breaks past the 10% mark!

My two main web pulls are the Role Playing Forums and Ape Web Apps websites, and both saw slight increases in revenue over June.  I didn’t really do any marketing for RP Forums, but the app has remained popular and it gets a ton of new content every day, likely helping it’s search engine ranking.  Since I was out of town and not able to work though, I did take the opportunity to do some Twitter marketing for Ape Web Apps, showcasing multiple games per day on the service.  This resulted in more followers and more revenues for Ape Web Apps, so I think I will keep up on my Twitter efforts from now on.  And by the way, if you are not following Ape Apps on Twitter (@apeapps), you are missing out!

Windows Phone and Windows 8
I am lumping these two platforms together here because they both share the same sad story: sorrow.  Both platforms saw revenue decreases in July and they both seem to be rapidly fizzling out.  I am still holding out hope that once the Windows Phone 8.1 update hits I will get more activity on the platform, but I won’t hold my  breath.  Nor will I hold my breath for Windows 8, which seems to have completely died.

To wrap it up, July was a pretty slow month here at Ape Apps, but now I’m back and ready to rumble.  So stay tuned folks, cause there are good things up ahead!

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