Saturday, August 9, 2014

Find the Truth (again) with Lie Detector 2

Ape Apps is proud to announce the availability of the new and improved sequel to our award winning mobile polygraph app - it's Lie Detector 2!  Lie Detector 2 is a fun novelty finger print scanning simulation for Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Kindle, and HTML5.  The app attempts to determine whether you are telling the truth or a lie based on a mock thumb print scan.  It is a perfect gag for parties or for impressing ladies at the club (guaranteed to get you a phone number).
Lie Detector 2 also features a beautiful new streamlined user interface and is a real joy to look at and use.  If you are elderly or have a preexisting heart condition, you should not use Lie Detector 2 as its sheer epicness may cause immediate heart failure.  Otherwise, do yourself a favor and download Lie Detector 2 today for the following mobile platforms:

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