Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Announcing My Planet 2.0

Good news for fans of My Planet.  Today, Ape Apps is announcing the long awaited update to this epic god simulation game!  My Planet v2.0 is going to be a dramatic update, guaranteed to blow the panties right off of everyone who plays.  Here are the new upcoming features:

  • Instant Rain:  I don't know about everybody else, but I hate micromanaging the water.  I always forget about it.  Rain now becomes an instant effect.
  • Technology Level: As your civilization grows, so will the collective knowledge of your people.  Different abilities will be tied to the tech level of your citizens.  You can improve their tech through god power.  An evil gold can also nuke the citizens back into the stone age.  Birth rate is also impacted by tech level.  Highly advanced societies have a slowed birth rate.
  • The Death of the Moon: My Moon idea never worked how I wanted it to.  I am taking the Moon out of the game.  Never fear though, it is being replaced with something better.
  • New Planet Types: New planet habitats are coming, not just the standard looking earth-like world you start the game out with.
  • Planet Names and Multiple Planets: You can now have as many planets under your lordship as you can handle.  And each planet needs a name.  You use your god power to "reveal" new planets to your people.  Then you can colonize at will.  Just know that having a large number of planets can get time consuming!
  • Resources: Each planet generates a certain amount of natural resources.  Different planet types have different resource mixes.
  • Online Game Sync: I am setting up a new online server to save all My Planet data.  Because of this, a user account and password will be needed to play.  But you will be able to control your planet from any device that My Planet supports (basically, all of them).
  • My Planet Universe: Games are more fun with friends, right?  Your planet will no longer exist in a void.  All players of My Planet will coexist in the My Planet universe.  Space faring planets will even be able to set up trade and diplomatic relations with other planets.
  • Achievements:  People like achievements.  My Planet is getting them.
Obviously, this is a large update.  Work has already begun, and the HTML5 Web version of the game will be going to a live public Beta before other versions are released.  I will post more information when the beta is available, so I can get feedback on how to improve the final product.

In the meantime, the old My Planet forums are shutting down, and a new Google Plus community will be opening in it's place.  So for all My Planet related discussion, I suggest joining the new community at the following location:

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